Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If Tiffany was a Bird Species......

Would she only lay her eggs in a silver nest?
On a silver platter?

I've had a bag full of this silver crinkly wire
for a while, and until now I've only fashioned 
it into the Christmas tree.

I do believe I've found another striking use for it.
Nothing like simplistic elegance.

I also have a few of these petite silver trays.
The kind that you would put little mints 
or favors on at a wedding. I stuck a small
tart tin underneath to make it a pedestal 
fit for a silver nest.

They certainly showcase mini eggs well. 
I crafted these eggs with small balls
of foil and molded a plaster mixture over them.
A little sanding and paint, and they were
ready for their luxury nest. 
(You could just as easily buy
some ready-mades at the dollar store,
but I wanted to use materials I had on hand.)

Without the tart tin, 
this looks Old World elegant
resting on another silver layer,

or juxtaposed with weathered wood
for a junk chic look. Wouldn't these
be adorable as place card holders
for a Spring soiree?

I've never been into decorating for Easter, 
save for an abundance of Spring flowers,
but for some reason, this year
I've had a bug in my Easter bonnet
for egg-centric crafting projects.
I've got 2 more egg creations to share
in the next couple days.

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  1. Just lovely! And I do believe I have everything in my stash to remake this project. Because my livingroom evidently needs more Tiffany blue.


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